The Variety Pack - The Sustainable Switch
The Variety Pack - The Sustainable Switch
The Variety Pack - The Sustainable Switch

Variety Straw Pack

The Sustainable Switch
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The Variety Straw Pack includes:
  • Standard Drinking Straw (8.5" x 1/4")
  • Smoothie Straw (8.5" x 1/3")
  • Milkshake Straw (8.5" x 3/8")
  • Boba Straw (8.5" x 1/2")
  • Cocktail Straw (5" x 1/4")
  • 1 Large Straw Cleaner + 1 Regular Straw Cleaner
  • Organic Cotton Carrying Bag

Order in Bulk for Discounts:

  • 3 for $13 each!
  • 5 for $11 each!
  • 10 for $9 each!

Looking for Bulk Straws?

Straws: Made of 45% Recycled Material - 100% FDA Certified, 18/8 food-grade Stainless Steel. Natural Steel Color.

Cleaners: Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel with nylon bristles.

Carrying Bag: 100% Organic Cotton. No pesticides, GMO's, or any other toxins!

Committed to 100% Eco-Friendly Shipping!

  • Packaging box made from post-consumer waste, fully recyclable
  • Shipping materials include paper cushioning, reusable rubber bands, and kraft paper business cards
  • Paper Gum Tape and Paper Shipping Labels 
  • Plastic-Free Supply Chain

Please send an email to hello@thesustainableswitch.com if you would like to order larger order sizes, want to brand the straws with your logo or have any questions!


Ditch the dyes, inks, and gross plastic and get yourself an eco-friendly, stainless steel straw pack straws. Whether you need them for yourself or can't wait to share them with your loved ones, we're here to help you drink greener while helping out the fishies!

Over 500 million plastic straws are disposed of EVERY SINGLE DAY! Single-use straws end up polluting our oceans and lands with non-biodegradable plastic and damaging a wide variety of marine and terrestrial life. Not only are our straws made from sustainably sourced stainless steel, but they’ll also last you forever and are beyond easy to clean. So go ahead, enjoy your lemonade, water, bobas, and cocktails with a stainless steel straw... it’s the greener way to drink.

You can check out this link for more information on the negative effects of plastic straws