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About The Sustainable Switch

Every day, we work towards helping the environment and empowering our communities to lead happy, healthy, sustainable lives.


Sustainability doesn't mean you have to live on a solar farm, move off the grid, or spend your 9-5 cleaning up trash on a beach. Sustainability starts with becoming conscious of our actions and striving to reduce waste in every aspect of our lives. Here at The Sustainable Switch, we recognize all the little things we can do every day to reduce our impact and make the earth a healthier place for all of us. From going out for coffee with our reusable mugs and bamboo straws, to taking containers from home for leftovers when we go out to eat, it's the simple steps we can all take to make our lives greener and our earth cleaner!


Our dream here at The Sustainable Switch is to support, inspire, and provide individuals and communities with the best zero-waste products and practices for their daily lives.



Through our passion, we aim to eliminate dependence on single-use plastics and products and ensure our customers that every time they use The Sustainable Switch’s products, they can breathe easy knowing that they are a part of a fundamental change - providing a future that is healthy and green for generations to come.